jython django and WMQ

With Jython picking up steam, is it possible to call WMQ java API from Jython natively? I know pymqi is there, but will it be beaten in performance by java MQI?

Will it be possible to create a django application with WMQ as transport or develop a monitoring site for WMQ? I will be exploring these in next few months.


About nsupathy
A software engineer/administrator by profession and mainly interested in linux, python, scala, IBM MQ.

5 Responses to jython django and WMQ

  1. Hi there,

    you’re asking whether PyMQI is able to beat the performance of a Java application and I’m actually certain the question should be put the other way around. PyMQI is a thin layer on top of C MQ API and your application is running *very* close to bare metal, so when properly written (according to the examples given on the project’s site) the performance should be about as good as that of a C MQ application.

    That said, I too would love to see a Django/Jython & MQ app – that should certainly be possible to create – so I wish you good luck and take care!

    • nsupathy says:

      oh yes, its the other way. Thanks for pointing out. With Jython, the existing java libraries, frameworks can be reused and tethered to a front end which can be rapidly built in Django. The fact that python is still not used widely at the enterprise level is another compelling factor.

      • > The fact that python is still not used widely at the enterprise level is another compelling factor.

        Yea, if a given company’s profile (for whatever horrific reasons) doesn’t include Python as in CPython, then using Jython & Django is a very good way for sneaking it in.

        I’ve see Python (PyMQI, Django and other libraries) used in lots of financial institutions across the globe and the pattern was pretty much consistent – the project developed in C, Java, Visual Basic and other technologies was desperately needed to be rescued and Python allowed for it in no time. So it stayed.

  2. Andy Piper says:

    Hey, just wondering how you got on with this – are you still experimenting? Would be really cool to hear what you’ve been up to!

  3. nsupathy says:

    I didnt get the time unfortunately. My plan was to use django, django-jython http://code.google.com/p/django-jython/ and admin bags through java. Django 1.3 came out recently, so planning to start with it.

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