A HTPC replacement for my old xbox

The xbox I have is quite old now. It’s running a very old version of XBMC too and replacement is due for some time.
I was looking for components to build my own HTPC. But looking at my requirements, it wont be used for any ripping, gaming or even browsing, but just as a nettop tethered to a TV. It should be able to decode a standard Blu-Ray disc and should play movies from my PC attached to the network. It should not make any noise.
I came across Intel Atom with Nvidia ION chipset in may discussion topics and looks to be a good choice too. This can stream/decode Blu-ray movies. Still looking whether I need to build my own mini-ITX or buy off the shelf brands like Acer, Asus or Zotac and install XBMC on top of that.
The Zotac Zbox HD-ID11 seems to be good.


Thought encina gone with TxSeries 5.1

Really, but it still exists in the depths of CICS. Websphere MQ 7.0 clients manual lists encina libraries to link when CICS is used as an extended transactional client.

Value of TPM Platform Assumed value of AXLIB
CICS AIX /usr/lpp/encina/lib/libEncServer.a(EncServer_shr.o)
CICS HP-UX /opt/encina/lib/libEncServer.sl
CICS Solaris /opt/encina/lib/libEncServer.so
CICS Windows systems libEncServer

Isn’t it wonderful !!!

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